Explaning Your Water Bill

As you can imagine, we get a lot of questions concerning the water bills here at City Hall.  Below is an example of what a water bill looks like with some explanation of what the individual lines or charges mean.  

Reading - Indicates the previous reading on your meter from last quarter and the new reading on your meter for this quarter.  For the real number in gallons, add a zero.  We leave a zero off to save space on the bill.


Consumption - This calculates how many gallons were used in the quarter.  If your bill has increased over the previous quarterly bill, you should first check your consumption from the previous bill and compare the two.  The ideal way to balance your consumption is to call City Hall and ask for what your consumption was last year during the same quarterly billing cycle.  


DS - Debt Service (Not Pictured).  This fee is to repay the loan for the sewer lift station that was put in a few years ago.  This fee is $21.80 for the next 3 years and it will then decrease to $14.30 the remaining 9 years of the debt.  The final payoff is the end of the calendar year 2030.


MC - Meter Charge.  This money goes into a fund to purchase replacement meters.  It is kept in a seperate fund.  This is done so that the customers do not have to pay to install a meter or a malfunctioning meter.  The fund is kept in a separate account which will then be used in the future for meter upgrades.  This will allow the City to purchase new meters in the next generation of metering technology.  


SE - Sewer.  This calculation is based off of our rate for the amount of water and waste that goes down the sewer.  The consumption used for this is the same as your water reading.  The rate is $0.47 per 100 gallons after the minimum 4,000 gallons.


SW - Solid Waste.  This line is your Trash and Recycling charge for the quarter.  This rate is $16.66 per month or $50 per quarter.  This rate has been steady since 2014.


WA - Water.  Calculates your consumption at our rate of $0.29 per 100 gallons after your base rate of the minimum 4,000 gallons at $25.  Based on the bill above, there is a base rate of $25 for the first 4,000 gallons.  Mr. Doe used 2,510 gallons more, so that additional cost is added to both the water and the sewer.  The added water cost of $0.29 per 100 gallons is added after you have surpassed the 4,000 gallon mark.


TX - Tax.  The State of Iowa taxes the product sold. (Replaced. See Excise Tax)


ET - Excise Tax (not pictured).  This replaced the Sales Tax (TX).  THis was ordered by the State of Iowa.  The Excise Tax is slightly lower than the Sales Tax was.


The City recently decreased the water rate and increased the sewer rate by the same amount (3 cents)  The water fund has been sufficiently built to maintain a level of solvency to be able to work on a few projects without having to borrow money.  The sewer rate increase is helping to continue to dig out of the hole created by the debt from 2012 that was taken on.  There is also a capital improvement fund that must be shared with Clinton and Low Mor for hte treatemnt facility.  Theend result is that your bill will not dhange because of htese rate changes.  It merely allows the city to have the revenue in the proper funds to pay the necessary bills.  

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