MidAmerican Tree Pruning

In order to provide Camanche with safe and reliable electric service, contracted tree trimming crews, working for MidAmerican Energy Company, will be clearing tree limbs from our electric facilities in your community. The area where the work will be performed is shown on the attached maps. This work is scheduled to begin within the next few weeks.
If they need to be on your property, they will notify you by letter.
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pruning map.pdf
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Contractors will be in town this week for tree trimming.

RFP Architects for Library Project

The Camanche City Council has approved funding for the Camanche Public Library to seek a Request for Proposal from qualified architecture firms to submit for a proposed expansion of the Camanche Public Library. 


The Camanche Public Library has grown in use and is exceeding its capacity to address patron and community needs. Our library is the smallest D size library building in the state. The Library Board has requested funding for a architecture proposal to expand the current structure and have a selected plan be placed on a 2025 referndum ballot to borrow funding for the purpose of expanding the building. This debt would not take effect until fiscal year 2027 when the Washington Boulevard debt falls off of the levy. The proposal would replace the Washington Boulevard bond so that the debt portion of the levy remains the same. 


All interested architecture firms should follow the RFP directions. Any questions about the RFP can be sent to the Library Director Anna Evans. 

Architect RFP Camanche(4) 2023.pdf
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Blocked RR Crossings

If you encounter any of these RR crossings that have been blocked by a train for an extended period of time, or if you have any other RR issues, please call this number and report the crossing ID on the blue sign.  1-800-716-9132


3rd St                   ID# 865-561D                         7th Ave & 5th St    ID# 865-547H

4th Ave & 5th St   ID# 865-544M                         9th Ave & 5th St   ID# 865-549W

5th Ave & 5th St   ID# 865-545U                         13th Ave               ID# 865-560W       


This is what the signs look like:



Flood Assistance
Individual Assistance and Disaster Case [...]
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There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to discuss the PFAS public notice and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) / 3M memorandum which was recently released. Click the button below for more information. Please visit the FAQ page for the most up to date information including press releases and other data.

Press Release 6-16-23
Here is a press release regarding an agreement between the City of Camanche and 3M regarding the Camanche Water Supply and corrective actions to improve the water quality in regards to PFAS.
press release 6-16-23.pdf
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Community Profile

The City of Camanche offers the best in small town living to all who treasure it’s “hometown” charm. Located on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River, Camanche boasts a thriving local school system, friendly neighbors, and an abundance of recreational activities to satisfy all who live and play here. Couple that with Camanche’s proximity to Clinton, and residents are able to  participate in all the events and activities of a larger community, while still living the small town life!


Camanche Depot

Find out more about the Depot and other Parks & Recreation features by using the button below.



Community Center

The City of Camanche has opened its new Community Center.  Discover the facility here.



City of Camanche

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Fall Newsletter 2023
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Quick Facts

Population: 4,570
County: Clinton
Median Household Income: $50,804
Median Home Price: $119,800
Median Age: 43.8




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