Economic Development

The City of Camanche is progressive in its approach to economic development.  The City works with new home construction, existing improvements, and commercial / industrial partners to provide growth incentives.


Urban Revitalization:


Homeowners qualify for a 100% property tax abatement on improvements up to $75,000 of evaluated taxes on said improvement for 3 years.  This benefit is extended to all owners within the corporate limits.  If you are building a new house, your full property taxes on the improvement up to $75,000 in value can be abated for those 3 years.  


Multi-family residential is eligible for 100% abatement for 10 years. 


Commercial properties which build in the City can receive an abatement on any residential addition to their building for the same 3 year period.


Industrial / Commercial construction in our newly defined boundries are eligible for an abatement starting at 80% for the first year and decreasing to 20% in the 10th year.  



Urban Renewal:


Camanche is also an Urban Renewal Area and is well versed in exploring TIF as a finance option for business development or subdivision development.



Proposed Urban Renewal Area

Urban Renewal is a development tool which provides the City with the ability to engage current and prospective property owners within an Urban Renewal Area to develop properties with potential improvements through development agreements. The City is interested in engaging with potential partners in this area to create a more vibrant and active commercial business and recereation area for Camanche. Typical developments include areas of job creation, infrastructure improvements, property improvements and beautification projects. The area covered is primarily along Washington Bouldevard with some existing commercial feeder areas. The funding source for such developments will utilize TIF (Tax Increment Financing).


If you have an interest in engaging the City of Camanche with proposals for properties in the proposed Urban Renewal Area, please contact the City Administrator at 563-259-8342 or

Commercial Urban Revitalization Map: Revized 2018

Economic Development Announcement

The City of Camanche is pleased to welcome the Naeve Family Beef organization to Camanche.  The press release from the CRDC is provided below. 


There are a few important points we want to make to citizens about this facility


1) There will be no outside containment of animals.  All animals will be contained inside

2) There will bo no lagoon system.  All materials will be processed through the sanitary sewer system

3) There will be no rendering or cooking of meat at this location.  This eliminates any aroma issues

4) The plan calls for a storefront operation where citizens will be able to purchase freshly cut meat. This will also be a USDA inspected site.

5) The City's contribution to this project is through property tax abatements.  The State of Iowa will be assisting with funding from the IEDA

6) Although the truck traffic volume will increase, most of that traffic will be heading North on Central Steel Road.  There will be some increased traffic heading South on Central Steel Road, and the Naeve operation has stated that the proposed roundabout at this location is not a negative impact to them.  They view it as a positive as it will increase the flow of traffic and prevent backups.


We are pleased to have this operation in Camanche and look forward to future developments which this project may generate.

Naeve Family Beef CRDC Press Release Feb[...]
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