Welcome to our permitting page.  Here you will find forms to download, guidelines for permits, and general information concerning permits for the City of Camanche.


Our building inspector is Harold Teagarden.  He can be contacted at City Hall 563-259-8342 or email


You can pay for your permit by cash, check, money order or credit card.  Credit card transactions will incur an additional transaction fee


Building Permits

The City of Camanche has made changes to its required permitting process.  Beginning September 19, 2023, it will be required to obtain a permit for the following:


  1. Residential Storage buildings up to 150 square feet in size $50. Over 150 square feet in size $50.00 plus $0.25 per square foot.
  2. Garages $50 + $0.25 per square foot

C)  Wooden or Polymer decks $50

  1. Patios and concrete slabs $50
  2. Fences and retaining walls $50
  3. Swimming pools $50
  4. Room additions $50 + $0.25 per square foot
  5. Principal dwellings $200 + $0.25 per square foot of the entire building.
  6. Commercial buildings, office buildings, apartments, warehouses and other similar buildings $200 $0.35 per square foot.

J) Roof (required for repair or replacement of 50% or more of the roof square footage) $50

  1. Siding (required for repair or replacement of 50% or more of the sided square footage) $50
  2. Windows or doors (increasing size of existing) $50
  3. Site Plan Review $250
  4. Plan Review Rate (Per Hour Per Reviewer) $85


Be It Further Resolved that there are new permit and permit fee requirements which are established as follows:


0) Water Heater $25

P)  Electric Reconnection Inspection $25

  1. Electric/ Plumbing $50

Q) HVAC /Boiler/ Geothermal $50



All building construction values will be taken from the Building Valuation Data of the Uniform Building Code, using regional modifiers for this area.



Building Permit Fees September 2023
Resolution 23-30 Adjusting Building Perm[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [268.4 KB]

If you are tearing down a building, it requires a different permit.  That permit is available here as a digital download.  You can fill out the form on your computer or print it out and fill it in manually.  Permits must be submitted for approval.  

The building permit form is below.  However, you will need to come in to see the building inspector to have the permit issued.  You can pay for your permit at that time.  Please note that credit card payments will require a processing fee to be added to the cost of the permit. 

Building Permit Application and Certification of Lot Lines
Building Permit and Certification of Lot[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [209.4 KB]

Building Demolition Permit

Demolition Permit
Adobe Acrobat document [144.3 KB]

Utility (Right of Way) Excavation Permits

Excavation Permit Digital Form
excavation permit form digital (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [399.8 KB]

Oversized / Overweight Trucks

Oversize/overweight $35 Single Use Permit
Adobe Acrobat document [408.6 KB]

The City of Camanche requires permits to be issued for oversized and overweight trucks which navigate the streets and highways within Camanche city limits.  There are 3 different permits that can be obtained.


1) A single use permit is available at a cost of $35.  This permit is valid for 48 hours from the time of issuance.

2) An annual permit is available if you are making multiple trips with the same vehicle.  This cost is $300 per rolling year.  It is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance and is only good for one vehicle.

Oversize/overweight truck permit annual $300
Adobe Acrobat document [412.5 KB]

3) Fleet permits are for organizations which have multiple trucks in their fleet passing through the City of Camanche.  That cost is $3,000 for the rolling year and is valid for 365 days from the date of issuance.  

Oversize/overweight truck permit fleet
Adobe Acrobat document [398.5 KB]

Oversized and overweight trucks are defined under Iowa Code 321


If you have any questions, please call City Hall at 563-259-8342


Please leave 48 hours for the permit to be approved.  This does not include weekends or holidays.


Payment can be made at City Hall in Cash, Check or Money Order.


You can call in a payment by Credit Card or pay in person with your Credit Card.  There is a fee applied to these transactions which will vary based on the amount processed. 

Truck Routes

Here are the designated truck routes for the City of Camanche.  This map does not note the highways as they are already designated truck routes by the State of Iowa.  Trucks are permitted on non-designated streets to make local deliveries only.  

Excavation permits are required any time you are digging in the City Right of Way.  This includes sidewalk and driveway approach repairs where removing of material is occurring.  It is necessary to call in locates for such work to make sure that contractors or owners are aware of where utilities may be located.  This permit may be in addition to other permits necessary.

Other Permits

Golf Cart Permit Application
Application for Permit to Operate a Golf[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [100.1 KB]

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