Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is my water bill so high?


We get this question the most.  What we find most frequently is that there is some sort of failure with the internal water operation in the home or business.  The most common culprits for high water consumption are : LEAKY TOILETS and WATER SOFTENERS.  No kidding.  A leaking toilet can use 200 gallons per day.  That can easily lead to an extra $60 on your quarterly water bill just for the water.  Your cost for sewer will also increase.


Checking for a leaky toilet is simple.  A few drops of food coloring in the tank resevoir over night will show you any leaks.  If your basin has colored water in the morning, then you should have a technician repair your plunger. 


Water Softeners can also increase your bill.  Most systems use 25 gallons of water to recharge daily.  They can also malfunction and run more than they should.  We recommend you have your system checked regularly by a professional.


Compounding trouble to your running water cost is the cost of sending that water down the sewer. 


2) How do I check my consumption?


Camanche has meters that are read remotely by radio.  You can check on your bill to see what your previous meter reading was, and what your current reading is.  You can compare your current quarterly consumption to your previous quarterly consumption.  If it is more than 40% that your previous quarterly consumption, we will profile your meter to view your consumption.  


A profile of your meter can provide hourly readings for your consumption.  It is a useful tool to help in monitoring the water flow in your house. If a profile is necessary, we will need to gain access to the meter inside the home or business. 


3) Can I pay my bill monthly?


Yes!  You can pay your bill in advance.  Just come in and let us know your address.  We can accept the payment and make it as a credit towards your account.  This way the quarterly bill won't be so intrusive to your budget.  



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